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Hey im caleb grant, 15 years old and I make electronic music in all sorts of genres like chillstep,  house, dubstep, hardstyle, trance, and a little bit of drum & bass. I hope you enjoy the music iv produced and published on here. I'm currently investing in my own domain name soon and a bigger fan database!

(Some chillstep again!)  


2 (NEW SONGS) (chillstep) + (trance)



Random Song I just made...  


New Song "Best Yet"!!!  



Ok this time it's trance:) im not that proud of it cuz i didnt blend in stuff enough but its pretty good for a first time so i hope you



I hope you enjoy my short Hardstyle song.



         (Flying Squirrle Production Video Skip to 4:10 for finished song)   


The track directly below was the first song iv ever made and I created it in june of 2011 so yes my music sounds 100 times better now. The reason I put that there though is so you can hear the diffrence from when i first started creating music and now in the present.


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